Monday, February 23, 2009

Computers for about $1 a day?

I thought that this would be GREAT for some of the organizations that apply for grants from FKO. I stumbled across the website today through an email I received. CharityAdvantage offers all kinds of software, computers, monitors, etc. for non-profits. The best part, some of these things are FREE and others are at a great discount price!

There are a lot of different free software downloads, some are things I think would be useful, others seem unneccesary, but either way, it is nice they are all available in one place. I even saw a section with free software just for churches!

One side note concerning the computer equipment: the email I received had the link to the discount computer equipment for sale, but once signed up and logged in, I couldn't find that information on the site...maybe I missed it! BUT from what I saw in the email, they have computers and monitors for about $250 + shipping (which wasn't too bad of a price either). Granted, these are pretty basic computers, but they offer upgrades at reasonable prices. That means you could get a computer for a $1 a day for a year! That's pretty exciting for people with tight budgets!

CharityAdvantage also offers a variety of other information, including newsletters, foundations, funding resources and a web design service. They are pretty easy to contact and offer a lot of information on their site. Check it out and see for yourself! You have to register, but it's free!

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